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By Alex van der Laan

Which photo is my favorite? The one I'm going to make tomorrow...

Keep challenging myself, every day, that's what I like to do. I want to capture and freeze the moment in time with my camera. A photo is only an instrument of a recorded memory. A moment where you sometimes think back with a smile and another time with a tear. Just as life itself. Only when I can get a shot of that feeling then a photo is successful for me.


The offer of Alvadela Photography

Business photography

As a company you want to show what you stand for. This can be done on the basis of beautiful business photos of employees, work processes or advertising work. You radiate that class with professional photos!

Animal photography

Your pet has a special place in your heart. With a professional and beautiful photo report you have a lasting memory of your best friend. Whether this is at your home, in the studio or somewhere in an outdoor location. And of course you can also take a picture with your animal together!

Portrait photography

Portrait photos are usually beautiful memories that you cherish. They often have an emotional value that you will love to look back on with pleasure. Photoshoots can be made in studio as well as on location.

Landscape photography

Nature photography is a form of photography in which the portrayal of the landscape is central. The goal is often to strive for a pure nature scene, spared from human influences. Not the person but the natural beauty is central. Those photos will look great on every wall.

Product photography

The quality and reliability of your products are often judged by the quality of your photos. That is why it is always worth investing in good product photos.


NIEUW! Binnenkort is het ook mogelijk om luchtfoto’s of dynamische video’s te laten maken d.m.v. een drone.

Recent projects


Product & Voeding

Sony A7 IV


Boudoir photography

Sony A7 IV



Sony A7 IV

5 star review 

5 star review 

5 star review 

“Alex managed to create a pleasant atmosphere during the photo shoot. This way you know exactly what is expected of you. The portraits accurately reflect the person's character.”

Marit & Tim

“The preparation you need as a photographer has been well executed. The photos look very good. Very nice is the use of the light with which beautiful accents are made. one of the better entries for this boudoir assignment!”


(teacher NHA - course professional photographer)

Superleuke foto’s van mijn dochter. Fotograaf laat het kind niet poseren maar beeld af zoals ze is. Aanrader!

Corinne van der Graaf

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