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Elma den Heijer Massages

From time to time I suffer from a whiplash in my neck. It is a remnant of a serious car accident I ended up in when I was about 23 years old. Fine to live with, but every now and then everything is "locked". A few years ago I had my neck treated by Elma and 1 treatment was enough for me to never be "locked" again! Elma expertly massages the knots from the muscles.

While I was lying there on the massage table we got into a conversation and soon it was about our work. Elma had a website, but it was not much more than a link to a portal where you can schedule an appointment. As a result, she missed her own touch and reflexion of her company.
1 plus 1 equals 2 and we quickly made an appointment. A few sketches and cups of coffee later I started designing a website for her. The collaboration went very smoothly and Elma knew very well what she wanted, which was very pleasant for me a webdesigner.

I have given her website a modern look with soft tones and beautiful (stock) photos to give the right feeling. The website navigates smoothly and through the beautiful animations it looks refreshing and playful.

Click below for an example:

Color scheme

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